We can talk about our museum, but we believe that the best words come from those that have come to experience what we offer first hand! Here’s some testimonials that we’ve received about PINBALL PA. 

“Drove ~40 miles to get there. Well worth the trip. They seem to have every childhood game I have ever played. Tons of fun.”

– Mark P., Natrona Heights, PA

“A ton of arcade games and pinball games. It was busy, but there are plenty of games to play so even though you’re waiting for Donkey King you can play while you wait. Low light, but clean bathrooms and tons of fun. A great value for an all you can play style.”

– JP F., Lancaster, PA

“Brought back many memories of the old pinball games, Atari games, etc. Was very enjoyable. Try to get at least 4 people to go, so you get a discount!”

– SMW916, Wintersville, OH

“If you’re looking for an old school arcade atmosphere, Pinball PA is the place to go! It’s like taking a step back into the 80’s. There is a flat fee of $19.99 for 2 hours of play. They have the machines all set to free play, so you don’t have to haul around quarters. You can pay a fee for all day play and you can have birthday parties there as well. It was a fun afternoon on a rainy Saturday.”

– Emily S., Fenelton, PA

“If you are nostalgic about your 80s arcade days or just love games of all sorts, go here! I loved spending an entire afternoon playing pinball, skiball, air hockey, some kind of pop the can into your opponent’s goal game, and seriously every arcade game from my childhood and several I didn’t even know existed. Wow! Friendly informative staff. When you leave, you will have sore fingers, tired forearms, and a smile on your face!!”

– Jen K., via TripAdvisor

“We went there for a bachelor party. The place was awesome. It was even more than I thought it was going to be. The staff was super. You can tell everyone involved with this operation is committed to making sure you have a great time and loves their job. Well done.”

– Eric S., Twinsburg, OH

“I’ve been to many many Arcades over the years. I’m also pretty obsessed with emulating classic Arcade games through MAME and other programs. Wherever you go you see the same old arcade games among a couple of rarities here and there. As a result, I’ve grown tired of spending money on Arcade games and have been opting for Pinball Galleries instead.

I’ll get to the pinball, but this Arcade had the best collection I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Warrior by Vectorbeam and Boot Hill and Dog Patch by Midway. They even had Death Race, which is so old it doesn’t even use a ROM image. They also had several sit down cabinets (including Fire Truck, a really old co-op classic). The huge array of analogue shooting games were also amazing. Such old technology. I could have spent 4 hours playing arcade games alone, but we had a time limit, so I only spent 2 hours playing them. Then came the pinball…

Out of the many pinball galleries I’ve been to I’ve only seen one Atari Pinball game. This place had at least three. They’re not remotely fun to play, but you do get to experience them here. They also had several multi-level pinball tables. Black Hole and Haunted House were there, but there was also The Spirit, which I wasn’t familiar with and had never played before. They also had Hyperball and the 2-player versus Joust Pinball, which I had always wanted to play. They also had an impressive array of electro-mechanicals, though I have to say the Silver Ball Museum in Asbury Park New Jersey still has them beat in that department. Of note was also Bally’s Spectrum, a fast-paced table I had never seen before, and my all-time favorite Cleopatra.

What’s more, everything was in excellent condition. I’d say only two machines out of a billion had issues, which is pretty excellent.

The price was nice and the selection was nicer. I’m so incredibly jealous of the people who live in Western PA. The Silver Ball Museum is nice, but this is by far the best Arcade I’ve ever been to. If I’m ever in Pittsburgh again I know I’m coming here.

I only wish they could locate a couple of Bally Sente Arcade Games (Hat Trick and Off the Wall for example) or some Zaccaria Pinball tables (I’ve only seen one in person at the Allentown Pinball Expo). Also a Bagatelle Machine or Ice Cold Beer would be nice. The owner seems to be quite the collector, so maybe some day.”

– Murveman, Easton, PA

“In the midwest, it’s pretty common for half of a strip mall to be vacant. From the outside on a Friday afternoon, I was skeptical even after I entered and talked to the manager. The only lights were coming from the machines. I paid twenty dollars and got a wrist band that said “7:20”. I had two hours of free play. The main thing you need to know about this place compared to others: 99% of everything was working, clean and new looking. I was born in 1970 and I’d been to every arcade near Cleveland in the 80s. As an adult, I’ve visited the pinball tournaments in Pittsburgh with some regularity. I’d also been to Laconia, New Hampshire in November 2011 to explore Funspot, the arcade featured in the documentary Fistful of Quarters (the King of Kong). This is the most complete collection of machines I’ve seen without a visit to a weekend convention. The range of age is older than new but I was pleased to find as many video games as pinball. The museum quality of the place featured games I’ve never seen before but only sometimes heard about. I’ll never know how they got a working cabinet of Fix It Felix from the Disney movie Wreck it Ralph. There is also plenty of memorabilia from the “era” like posters, fliers and decor everywhere. The day pass rate is friendly and there’s a half dozen places to eat in the area to take a break to eat.”

– Jamocha V., Cleveland, OH

“A ton of arcade games and pinball games. It was busy, but there are plenty of games to play so even though you’re waiting for Donkey King you can play while you wait. Low light, but clean bathrooms and tons of fun. A great value for an all you can play style.”

– JP, Lancaster PA

“Only get to go here once a year, visiting from out of state. This place is terrific! Shawn meets you and is very nice and polite to everybody. I would love to have this place near me.”

– Metalhead (via Google)

“I never thought I could spend 6 hours playing pinball but I did. All the games are in great shape. Definitely going back and I probably live 50 miles away.”

– Mike B. (via Google)

“Absolutely AMAZING! Purchase a full day! You’ll be sorry if you don’t.” 

– Steven S., Twinsburg, OH

“Perfect afternoon spent for 40 something parents, 14 year old, 12 year old, and 10 year old. Full of memories for us. It was so much fun to show our kids our favorite games when we were their age AND priceless to finally beat them at a video game on 2 player mode!”

– Kimberly T. (via Google)

“Excellent value for a great time! Never a boring moment. Plenty of dining options nearby so you can leave and come back if you are making a day of it. Wonderful pricing for families.”

– Crys W. (via Google)

“Great selection of newer and older pinball machines along with new and older arcade games. All the machines are very well maintained and the entry fee is overall a great value for such a wide selection. It’s a little far outside of the city but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this unique place.”

– Brian B. (via Google)

“Can’t say enough good things about this place. Went in with high expectations and they were far exceeded ! From the super friendly staff to the spotless clean restrooms this is a class act. Spent 7 hours there and still did not get through all they have to offer. Can’t wait to return again….wish I lived closer because a year pass would be a no brainer.”

– Dan T. (via Google)

“Finally got to travel to the Pittsburgh area and made sure my friends and I stopped in. We do not regret it! The pinball and classic arcade variety was fantastic. We were all very impressed by the selection and it made our 2 hours fly by. It’s a flat fee of $20 for 2 hours, the games are set to free play and it is worth it. By the end of our 2 hours I felt like a kid who wanted to cry because he had to leave Chuck E Cheese. The man running the door was very nice, laid back, and informative. They take care of their machines and keep them running as best as they can. Only a small number were out of order, but the machines we played all worked spectacularly. I was so happy to find this place and find pinball games I’ve played throughout my life in one spot. I wanted to drive back the next day and play more. My wife and I checked out the pinball museum in Vegas (unrelated to this place) and Pinball PA puts it to shame in machine selection and friendliness. I can’t wait for my next trip to Pitt so I can go back. This place is a gem, I also heard they do pinball tournaments and global championships. They will also help you find a machine to buy if your looking. Absolutely  joyful experience.”

-K.S., Erie, PA

“The place is great. Was my first time there last night with my wife. No place comparable to this place for vintage video games and pinball. A must see.”

-Jennifer B., Pittsburgh, PA

“This is definitely a hidden gem. Love this place Check out the price – go during the week (Tuesday-Thursday) and it is cheaper. Sign up for email and you will get discounts. This place is UNBELIEVABLE!!! You will love it!”

-Louise F., Fairless Hills, PA

“This is the largest collection of classic to contemporary coin operated games I have seen. It is far better than the traveling “Game On” exhibit and more extensive than other towns’ gaming or pinball museums. It’s a trek out to Aliquippa, especially if you’re not local and don’t live nearby, but well worth it. PINBALL PA is located in a fairly nondescript strip mall and has a huge space (grocery store sized) with rows and rows of pinball, etc. There is a brief tour provided (the museum part) and then you can play games to your heart’s content. This was a blast for our entire family (literally 8-85 years old).”

-Jetlager, Seattle WA

“This place is amazing ! If you ever spent time in arcades this place is arcade heaven! Over 400 machines set to free play! Family of four was $40 for 2 hours of play. GREAT entertainment for $10 a person. Our teens LOVED this museum!”

-Herrin79, Dardenne MO

“This place is absolutely amazing!!! They have close to 200 pinball and arcade games. First off the guy at the door is so knowledgable he went through a brief history of pinball and arcade games I thoroughly enjoyed learning some of the facts he knew! They have some of the best pinball machines ever from Kiss, AC/DC, flash, terminator, batman, etc. the also have a Hercules pinball machine that is super huge and uses a cue ball as a pinball. They also have a super old skeeball machine and a lot of super old and rare pinball machine. Some of the regular arcade games the have is The original mortal Kombat, the Simpsons, Star Wars, etc. it’s $20 for a 2 hr pass but if your coming from afar I’d recommend the $40 all day pass bc you won’t be able to play everything in 2 hours!!! I assure u it’s worth every penny!”

-T. Thomas, Pittsburgh PA

“Did you grow up in the late 70s and early 80s where the Arcade was your second home? Are you a 90s kid that begged your parents to go to a particular pizza place not because you thought the pizza was better, but because they had your favorite pinball machine or arcade game? Did you beg your parents to take you bowling because you secretly wanted to spend time in the game room? Do you find yourself telling the kids of today about the games, “back when (you) was a kid,” and how you actually had to leave the house to play video games instead of ‘playing’ with ‘friends’ online? If you answered yes to any of those questions then “Pinball PA” aka The Pennsylvania Coin Operated Hall of Fame is the place for you!!! As soon as you walk in the door you will think you have died and gone to heaven because you will see a seemingly endless sea of games. As mentioned in previous posts, you pay an admission fee at the door and all the games are set to ‘free play.’ Prices vary depending how long you want to play (a 2 hour window or all-day), if you are an individual, a family, or if you are apart of a large group. They also have a variety of different discount passes, season passes, and run different specials from the to time. Included in the close to 200 different pinball machines and 200-some different arcade machines, you will find all your favorite classics such as Donky Kong, Pac-man, Centipede, Astroids, Pin-Bot, Adams Family Pinball, Attack From Mars, ect. You will also find a collection of games that are extremely rare such as an ACDC pinball machine that is 1 of only 200 ever made. Some games in the collection that you will have the opportunity to play are so rare that they are believed to be the only working model left in existence. So what are you waiting for? Go to Pinball Pa today and relive your childhood. Tell Ed and Chris that I sent you.”

-Steve R., TripAdvisor

“Two hours was NOT enough time in this place. All of the games are in great condition, and we found some new favorites that we have never seen before! Really enjoyed this, thank you for sharing your collection with us. P.S. We also appreciated the clean bathrooms!”

-Chuck and Amy, Plainfield IL

“I’m not going to repeat what everyone else has said, but had to write a review for this place. I’ve been meaning to go here for a while and finally did yesterday while in the area. All the games are very well maintained. A few were marked as ‘out of order’ but at least they don’t keep malfunctioning games operating. Most games performed better than the ones I played growing up in the 80’s. I only had 2 hours to spend there and it flew by – can’t wait to go back and dedicate a day to spend there. Well worth the money.”

-Chris S., PIttsburgh PA

“Visited this incredible game room for the first time. We did the 2 hour ticket. If I do this again, we will do all day ticket and split the day with a lunch nearby. We just got tired standing for 2 hours. But this place is great. So many games, most working well. Restrooms are clean, and guy at front was very knowledgeable. We will return!”

-Metalhead, Virginia

“Ok, put your quarters away. This is a dream place you wish existed when you were a kid, for $20 you get UNLIMITED play on all your favorite retro arcade and pinball games! The variety of games will keep you busy without having to shout for Mom to ‘gimme another quarter!’. Truly a flashback in time to relish and enjoy.”

-Christian C., Fairmont WV

“I would drive 4 hours for this place! Too many games to count, staff was helping and great. I recommend this everyone and look forward to bringing my kids.”

-Anonymous, TripAdvisor

“I cannot say enough good things about these guys. It is a labor of love to keep all of those machines running, in good shape, and clean. You will be amazed when you see all the games from the past and in unreal playing condition. We are truly blessed to have an arcade to go to like this. If it were any closer to my house, I would be there probably every other day. Go. That’s the bottom line. Support these guys and what they are doing to preserve arcade history.”

-Vito F., Hopkinton MA

“If you like pins and arcades, and are near the Pittsburgh area,  It doesn’t get any better than this place.  I have been to many bars, clubs, tourneys, etc. but here they have a great staff, and great machines that play well for a great price.  Seriously…go alone, take the partner, kids, it’s all good.  Have I mentioned this place is great?  and no I’m not being paid for this endorcement!”

-Ross R., Jeannette PA

“Awesome!  Loads of games from old to new.  Go to place if you love pinball.”

-Reed S., Sewickley PA

“As a mom, I am always looking for places that are SAFE, clean and fun. PINBALL PA is just that. It is a very pleasant way to spend a few hours or an entire day! I have zero interest in gaming of any kind but I am always more than happy to have my family spend time at this arcade. It isn’t too expensive and it has always proven to be a fantastic way to spend a family day. I can not say enough about this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-Anne H., Coraopolis PA

“I love pinball and video games. This is a FANTASTIC place for both. Games are in great condition. I travel to Pit, PA on business and no trip is complete without spending hours in this place. Thank you for putting together an awesome place!”

-Average J., Dallas TX

“Awesome arcade, this was the second trip I’ve made to this shop. The first was with two kids, ages 12 and 9, they were floored by the video games, being too young to experience an arcade. Yesterday, my wife and I were on a ride and on a whim, I stopped so she could see what the kids were going on about. Of course, we ended up going in, two hours of play for $20, is a bargain if you like to play old games. There is also a play all day option, and a family discount for four people. There is way more than just pinball machines. Everything from Pac Man to Street Fighter can be found. The biggest thrill to me was seeing some of the obscure games working like Popeye, Kangaroo, and Road Runner. I also, had a great time playing some really old games like Red Baron, Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Missile Command. If you grew up playing these games, love pinball, or haven’t ever seen an arcade, go to Pinball PA.”

-Waylon G., Newcastle PA

“Amazing selection of pinball from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and newer machines. Was there for five hours and only got to play about 1/3 of them, there were JUST SO MANY!!!  Can’t wait to go back!”

-Amy K., Columbus OH

“I am not a Pinball Wizard. This is a fantastic place if you want an opportunity to play “vintage” games. All my favorites (Space Invaders, Centipede, etc…) were there. I did enjoy their wide array of pinball machines. I played an old Chicago Cubs Pinball Machine. For a flat fee, you can play all the games as long as you want. We took advantage of a coupon ($10). My coworkers and I really enjoyed stepping back in time. I may have pulled a hammy playing air hockey (yes – I understand you are probably thinking how is it possible… I just proved it is. Check out this treasure.”

-Patrick P., Pittsburgh PA

“We stopped in here based on the recommendation of a fellow yelper and once again, his suggestion was spot on. Got there around 2pm (just as it was opening) and we were the only people in the entire place. For $20, you can play all games without inserting any coins for two hours. An all day pass will run you $40 per person. We walked around and explored the over 400 games/pinball machines that they had available. The games run the gamut from the 60’s to today. Some really old school pinball machines and to very recent pinball machines. In addition to pinball, they had plenty of games from ‘my era’ including racing games Grand Prix, Turbo, Off-Road; console games like Space Invaders, Dig Dug, Paper Boy, Galaga, Pac-Mac, Mario Bros, Punch Out and Wrestlemania. There are many many many more games for you to explore. They also have air hockey, table hockey, skeet ball and an old school shuttle board bowling game. If you are looking for some nostalgia from your youth or looking to killing a few hours playing a wide array of video games/pinball games, this place is for you!”

-Steven M., Mars PA

“Really cool throwback mega-arcade!  3 of us paid the $40 each for all day passes- really worth it if you are a 40ish pinball/video game nerd… We grew up on this stuff, and like lyrics to an old favorite song you haven’t heard for 20+ years, it all rushes back instantly with the push of the start (or “play”) button.  Spent five and a half hours here on a Saturday, and only quit because we had evening plans elsewhere (which we should have cancelled).  Well maintained pinball and video game machines spanning 50+ years, and overall I was really impressed.”

-Thad D., Clearfield PA

“Finally got to travel to the Pittsburgh area and made sure my friends and I stopped in. We do not regret it! The pinball and classic arcade variety was fantastic. We were all very impressed by the selection and it made our 2 hours fly by. It’s a flat fee of $20 for 2 hours, the games are set to free play and it is worth it. By the end of our 2 hours I felt like a kid who wanted to cry because he had to leave Chuck E Cheese. The man running the door was very nice, laid back, and informative. They take care of their machines and keep them running as best as they can. Only a small number were out of order, but the machines we played all worked spectacularly. I was so happy to find this place and find pinball games I’ve played throughout my life in one spot. I wanted to drive back the next day and play more. My wife and I checked out the pinball museum in Vegas (unrelated to this place) and Pinball PA puts it to shame in machine selection and friendliness. I can’t wait for my next trip to Pitt so I can go back. This place is a gem. They will also help you find a machine to buy if your looking. Absolutely joyful experience.”

-K.S., Erie PA

“Allow yourself a lot of time. There are hundreds of pinball machines and old school video games, all in fantastic working condition, available for unlimited play. It is an amazing collection!”

-Jim M.

“If you love to play old video games and pinball machines like you used to in the arcade, this place is for you! Awesome place and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

-Eric S.

“My whole family had an awesome time there. It was so fun seeing all the games from my childhood and getting to introduce them to my children. I had a hard time getting my husband out the door when it was time to leave. We will definitely visit there again.”

-Kara N.

“This was one of the best arcade experiences I’ve ever had. The working games are in tip top operating condition and if I ever come back to the Pittsburgh area for any reason I’ll certainly come back. Papa players take notice, 400ish pins at this spot all on free play. Admission at the door gives you way over your money’s worth.”

-Blake M.

“By far a wonderful family experience! Can’t wait to come back.”


“We visited the museum in January as a family for a night out.  It was fun playing games I played as a kid.  Even more fun playing again with my teenage kids.  My kids had a blast playing the various pinball machines.  You cant play games like these on your smart phone!  Everyone had a good time!”

-Edz, Aliquippa, PA

“Very nice staff and games are great!”

– Anonymous From Credit Card Comment

“For $20, you get access to a wildly huge and eclectic collection of arcade games for a couple hours. That’s more than enough time to marvel at how well kept they are, and I guarantee you’ll find a bunch of games you’ve never seen before. The pinball selection runs the gamut from classics to very modern, and the arcade machines date back literally to SpaceWar, the first one ever produced.”

– Jay C., Manchester, CT

“Imagine every game you loved in the arcades of the 70’s and 80’s. This is the largest and most complete collection you’ll ever find. The machines are in great shape. You won’t regret spending your day here.”

-Raymond F., via Google+

“This was a fun two hours with money well spent. Thank you for helping us to relive our childhood arcade memories!”

-Debbie B. Lawrence, KS

“If you like classic video games and pinball, you will LOVE this place. We were there for three hours and didn’t get to play all the games I wanted to play. There are SOOOO many games, and I don’t think I saw a single one that wasn’t working. We had four adults and four pre-teens, and all of us seemed to have a good time. We had such a good time, that we are having my son’s birthday party there (I’ll write another review for that). The flat rate for playing as much as you can is awesome, and the staff couldn’t be nicer. I can’t wait to get back there again.”

-James R., Pittsburgh, PA

“This place was amazing! Being in my late 20s, I experienced few quality arcades growing up. I missed the Golden Era of arcades and that was something I wish I could have been a part of. This place takes me back to a time where gaming was more social than online gaming, and home consoles were just seeing the light of day for the first time. I can’t even begin to explain the nostalgia. You guys have done something wonderful! I can’t wait to go back!”

-Anonymous From Credit Card Comment

“This is possibly the greatest place anywhere ever. I really love pinball. And arcade games. And noisy, shiny things. This place exceeded my high expectations by a long shot. They have tons of 70’s and 80’s games to suit your fancy. Plus they have tons of older machines before everything was computerized and they are in perfect working order. They have arcade games like pac man, donkey kong, dig dug, burger time, and lots of other 80’s favorites. They have driving games, shooting games, and tons of cool stuff you won’t see anywhere else. We bought two hours of play time for $20 a piece (what a bargain!) and the time flew by. What a fun afternoon! This place is gigantic so even though we didn’t have the place all to ourselves it wasn’t difficult to find something awesome to play. So many pinball machines! So many sights and sounds overwhelming your senses! And I loved it! If old school games are at all your thing, you’ve got to check this place out.”

-Lindsay B., Ferndale, MI

“I visited my old hometown of Hopewell over Labor Day weekend. I was looking forward to the Steelers last preseason game and Pitt’s home opener football games, plus a weekend of golf with old friends. What randomly happened and resulted in the highlight of our vacation however was finding this arcade/museum. This facility is absolutely amazing. We played pinball machines that I remember from back in my youth, and I’m talking fifty years ago! Then we moved on to the video games which transported me back to my college days with hit games like Space Invaders. I sincerely hope that this museum finds success in Hopewell Township, which I thought was an out of the way location for such a fantastic facility. This place located in a neighborhood like Oakland or on the Southside around Carson St. would seem a more logical location to guarentee a steady stream of patrons. But make no mistake about it, from anywhere in the Pittsburgh area, if you like pinball and video games, then this place is 100% worth the trip. Thanks to Shawn for his knowledgable tour of the museum part of the facility also. He was “far out” man.”

-Thomas R., Aliquippa, PA

“Never thought i’d get to see a classic arcade like this in my life time, but not only did I get that, I got to see the mother of all arcade places, right here in Beaver! Had a blast of the time with my friends, so many games and cool little oddities from arcades past and present and even though i’m sure i’ve played A LOT of their games I still have so many I missed that I can’t wait to try. There has never been a place I’ve loved supporting this much. This place needs to live FOREVER!”

-Evan B., New Brighton, PA

“I can’t quite express how much fun I have at this place. They have a little something for everybody–if you love old video games, they’ve got loads. Carnival shooting games? Got ’em. Puck bowling? You’re covered. Pinball? Old and new, they’ve got it. How many museums let you play the exhibits? (Well I suppose you can try it once in most museums, but you’ll probably be asked to leave). Sure, a lot of these games can be emulated digitally but there’s no replacing actually holding the original joystick in your hand, or seeing the lights and sounds of your favorite pinball table live and in person. If you’re a fan of old-school games, you owe it to yourself to make a stop here. You’ll love it.”

-James R., Cranberry Township, PA

“Perfect! We will be back! Thanks!”

-Anonymous From Credit Card Comment

“This place was absolutely amazing! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this place delivered all that and more. Your jaw will drop when you see just how many classic and carefully restored pinball and other coin op games they have. My wife and I were looking to kill some time in the area and we stumbled across this paradise. While the cost of admission seems steep at first, I easily would have spent way more inside if you actually had to use quarters. I’m glad this place exists, and I hope enough people see these reviews and check it out so they can stay open. Absolutely, without a doubt, will return.”

-Michael C., Muncie, IN

“We traveled 3-ish hours to visit this place and it was well worth it! They have so many vintage and fun arcade games! If you are any type of gamer this is a must visit! Great for a family or friends or just solo! We visited on a Saturday afternoon and got to play everything we wanted! I plan on visiting again very soon!”

-Jensia S., Marietta, OH

“Every game I played growing up in the 70s and 80s is here in perfect working condition and so much more.  $20 for 2 hours of unlimited free play is a great deal.  Such great fun.  Highly recommended!”

-Mickey T., Pittsburgh, PA

“This was such a great night out!  It’s been 30 years since we had so much fun playing Original Vintage Pinball and Video games. If you don’t live nearby make it a day trip!  For $20 you can play any game for two hours or for $40 play all day.”

-Daryl D., Wexford, PA

“Went today with my son and his friend. Hands down the staff and facilities were awesome!!! Walking down memory lane with my boy was great. Highly suggest any to do this!!!”

-Dave L., Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

“Family had a wonderful time. Spent the whole day. Definitely will be back.”


“I loved the service!”

-Jacob S.

“The most vintage arcade and pinball machines I’ve ever seen in one place, some extremely rare, in excellent condition, it’s clean, and the owners and staff are all nice guys. So lucky to have this here in Beaver County!”

-R.D., Ambridge, PA

“So much fun!”

-Karla T.

“A great place to forget about the crazy world outside and go back to the calmer days.”

-Michael R.

“We had a great time and the collection of video games and pinball machines was incredible. We will be returning with the rest of the family as soon as possible.”

-Anonymous From Credit Card Comment

“I wanted to tell you that my wife and I had a wonderful time at the Coin-Op HOF last Friday. We found the tour very entertaining, the games played great and there was so much to do. On the way home my wife and I could not stop gushing about how much fun we had. You are all doing a fantastic job of keeping the arcade and pinball spirit alive in the Pittsburgh area. And we will DEFINITELY be back.”

-Jared C.

“We went Saturday and can’t remember having so much fun! This place is filled with over 400 vintage pin ball and video games from our younger days. Lol. All are original and fully operational and you can play as much as you want for a very reasonable fixed price. If you don’t live nearby make it a day trip! The staff was wonderful and our guide was Sean, truly a passionate gamer.”

-DDelost, Wexford, PA

“Discovered this by accident on the Internet and what a great fun day for all arcade and pinball fans. Even if you are not, you will learn to be. Just pure fun and no sales push to make you spend more money like other places we have taken kids to. One fee gives 2 hours of unlimited play on all operable games. Too many to do them all. I’ll visit again.”

-GrammyGR (via TripAdvisor)

“As advertised on their website, a very comprehensive collection of video and pinball games, almost all in excellent condition.

Video games
Every game I remember playing in the 80’s is in their ‘arcade.’  Some of the more violent games (Mortal Kombat 2+) may be missing, but the breadth of the collection is staggering.

Pinball games
The collection has many games from the 60’s to 90’s, and it’s fun to just walk the aisles and see the evolution in game design.  The all day family pass is great; for $60, my kids can play  video games all day while Dad camps out on the pinball machines; it’s a bargain compared to the conventional arcade where the kids can burn through a roll of quarters in half an hour.

The place is a two hour road trip for us from Cleveland, but well worth the travel time.  If you enjoy the old arcade games or pinball, this is the best arcade I’ve seen in, well, forever!

-Paul G., Cleveland, OH

“The place is just AWESOME!!!.. Like timewarping to Heaven on Earth.”

-Ken B., Pittsburgh, PA

“We had our son’s 10th birthday party here on Aug. 2, 2015. The boys had a great time and really enjoyed playing the hundreds of games they have! Mom and dad also had fun enjoying the games we played as kids. Will definitely be back!”

-Kevin And Tammy M., Moon Township, PA

“Had a fun time with Jamie, Katrina, and Alex. Spent 2 hours playing on a huge selection of video, pinball, air hockey, and others. All were set to free play, so once you paid the entrance fee, everything was free to play.

There was a very interesting small tour of old home systems, video game memorabilia, and of the history of pinball machines. Two were open so you can see the “guts” of the machine. The oldest machine, from 1948, is very cool, although unplayable. Still very interesting to see how the games changed over time.

There was an amazing selection of video games, everything from Zaxxon to Mortal Combat, Space Invaders to just about every version of Pac-Man, and even a claw machine that had you lifting junk cars and putting them in bins.

We brought ear plugs for our noise sensitive child, but they ended up not needing them. If there are people very sensitive to loud or repetitive noises, ear plugs would be good to bring just in case; the noise was not excessive, but several video games at once could be overwhelming to those with ASD.

The only downside is we live about an hour and a half away, or we would be visiting more often. This is definitely a great place to spend an afternoon reliving some of your childhood (or introducing your kids to your childhood).”

-Mandy W. (via Facebook)

“I took my daughter here just to show her some of the games I enjoyed when I was about her age. We went for the “lunch hour” just to get an idea of what to expect.

In all honesty, it’s a treasure for our Township. My daughter and I enjoyed the Bubble Hockey, Pole Position, and the classic pinball machines. I was just thrilled to play classics like “Asteroids”, “Turbo”, and the bowling game. This week we celebrated my older daughter’s birthday and she had a wonderful hour.

An entrance fee and FREE PLAY????? It was incredible. When my daughter said “one more game” at the end of the hour it reminded me of asking my parents for another quarter to clear a level. Great times. Impressed with the variety and difficulty of some of the classics. For that, we thank you.”

-Anthony V., Pittsburgh, PA

“I can tell you from research that you literally have to drive 5 or more hours to find anything even close to this. The games are in good shape and the place looks clean. Please support these guys so that this place can continue to thrive.”

-Bradley R., McDonald PA

“To say this place is amazing, is a huge understatement.”

-Jim M. (via Facebook)

“This place is pretty remarkable if you’re into classic arcade games & pinball. The amazing thing is the number or working games that pre-date video-games, such as shooting games that utilize light-beam, air-compressor or even water guns. Just 15 minutes or so past the airport. Basically $20 for 2 hours but man do those 2 hours whip by. My friend (we’re both geezers in our late 40s who lived in arcades in the 70s & 80s) brought his 2 young sons (8 & 13) & they loved it just as much. Glad to see the operation is so far a success for the owners.”

-Steve M., Pittsburgh, PA

“An absolute must visit if you love arcade and pinball games.”

-Doug S., Evans City, PA

“Amazing collection of vids and pins that is very well kept. The absolute best arcade I have been to hands down.”

-Corinna K., Reedsville, PA

“Had a great time here with my brother Mikie today. They have tons of classic and rare pinball machines and video games. Very cool place. $20 for two hours is a good deal. I usually spend about that much on tokens-when I go to the papa headquarters once a year. They even had a qix video game which I haven’t seen or played in 34 years. I recommend it to all to go play.”

-Pete R. (via Facebook)

“Amazing! I got to relive a wonderful part of my youth and my son got to experience the feel of a real arcade for the first time. We will be going back soon!”

-Eric G., Pittsburgh, PA

“It’s arcade sensory overload – I’ve never seen anything quite like it!”

-Chris B., Pittsburgh, PA

“Vintage classic arcade & pinball machines from the 1970’s & 80’s, many of which are in excellent condition! They have many rare games I’ve never seen or played before. They also have newer pinball machines from the 1990’s and some are only a few years old. It’s totally awesome!”

-Joseph I. (via Facebook)

“I came to your establishment on Saturday 7/25/15, and I have to say it was well worth the trip!!! The selection of pinball games was so cool!!! The arcade game selection was top notch also! Was great reliving my youth 30 years ago on Saturday. The staff gave me and my buddy a tour and very friendly staff. Helped us when needed. Well worth the money and trip. I surely will be coming back very soon!!!”

-J.P. (via Facebook)

“This place has it all. Old arcade games and pinball machines. People need to hit this place often. Spent a couple of hours here with the family today and it is worth every penny. The 15 minute option history tour was interesting and informative. The is was off to 300 or more video games and pinball machines. We will definitely be back.”

-J.W., Lisbon, OH

“Had a blast with family and friends, and Shawn was very helpful and informative by suggesting machines that might be of interest, and the history behind them.”

-Kelly R., Pittsburgh, PA

“Tons of fun!!! Absolutely worth the admission price!!!”

-Christine F. (via Facebook)

“Loved it! Took the family today and spent three hours there (for only $30 for four of us thanks to a special they were running), and I only played about half of the games I wanted to play. I will be back to correct that! Even my 10 year old son and his friends had a blast. The staff members were all very friendly and helpful. I wish I lived a little closer so that I could go more.”

-Jim R., Pittsburgh, PA

“What an awesome place!!! My husband and I brought our daughters here as a surprise and when we pulled in the parking lot they were so excited to go to an arcade.  We were so excited to see all the games that my husband and I played as teens. Everything worked great and if it didn’t the guys working fixed them right away!! Will definitely be back. Keep up the good work.”

-Robin C. (via Facebook)

“Me and my friend were there on Saturday and had the BEST time!! Will definitely go again soon! I was so happy to get my Black Knight 2000 fix!!! My arms still hurt!! Wonderful place with so many memories!”

-Terry M., PA

“Went with a friend and thought there was only going to be a few games. Imagine my surprise when I walked in there and they had a whole room full of games packed in there. I think I fell in love! The guy gave a tour that was interesting and informative. It’s not a long tour but it was fun. After the tour you have to make the decision of which game to play first. A hard choice for me. Sadly I showed up at 8:30pm so didn’t get to play long. Next time I’m paying to play all day. Sad I had to leave. Totally awesome place with a sweet metal band decor. The employees were awesome too. I’ll be back!!”

-Megan M., Niles, OH

“This place is simply amazing. Experience an epic collection of classic (and a few modern) pinball machines and arcade cabinets. Relive childhood memories and discover vintage games you never knew. To get in, it’s 20 bucks for 2 hours or 40 for the whole day, but once inside every game is free to play. None of the frustration of running out of quarters!”

-Joe L., Aliquippa, PA

“What if a place had every game? I mean every game? What if they all worked? What if they were all in great condition? What if they were all in a clean safe environment? …and what if you could play all you wanted for a flat fee?

Great service…great owners…great value to the world…every bit as good as FUN SPOT in NH.

Will be back many times … road trip worthy”

-Barry S., Gatherburg, MD

“I grew up playing pinball machines. A long time ago, back when the machines were simpler and straightforward. Some only took a nickel. A single nickel. Yeah, that long ago. I wasted many hours and most of my treasured coin collections as a kid standing over these addicting creations. So when I heard about this place being a hall of fame and a museum (as well as offering as much play as you can handle) I had to get here. And I’m so glad I did!!

Sure enough they have some of the machines of my youth. The old electro-mechanical (non solid-state) ones. They had a huge wall FULL of those ancient beauties, all available to play. And play I did!! For $20 you get two full hours to satisfy that kid inside you and flip and twist and nudge till your hearts content! It was great. It’s a little off the beaten path in an old strip mall shopping area, not in a warehouse type building like you might imagine. But it is filled with over 400 machines.

If your taste runs to the newer glitzy pinball machines they have those. If you want to play target shooting or driving games they have those. If you’re craving some vintage Pac Man or Sega or Atari classics? Yep, they’re here. A museum and hall of fame indeed!!! No tokens, no hassle. Step right up and hit play and get your flipper fingers limbered up, you’re in for the fastest 2 hours you’ve likely had in a long time. Or opt for the all day play ticket. Now THAT would be an indulgence. Not sure when you’d come up for air. They may not have everything you’re looking for but its certain they have something from every era.

I asked if they had the Guns N Roses pinball machine but was told they sold it because the owner hates Guns N Roses so he dumped the machine. But they have the AC/DC machine. Tons of fun. In fact, I probably haven’t had that much fun for $20 since the days of 50 cent drafts and 25 cent wings. (Yes, there was such a time!)   So come. Try it. Relive your youth. See how pinball has grown up over the last 50 years. You’ll be amazed.”

-Gary R., Mars, PA

“I have been here twice and love it more each time I go! If you grew-up going to arcades and playing pinball, this is the place to be! Absolutely awesome collection of pinball and video gaming machines that I can’t get enough of! The Juke Box packed with 80s hits is a definite bonus. YOU HAVE TO GO SEE THIS PLACE!”

-Stushman, Canonburg, PA

“Nostalgia! Fun!  Lots of old games and new ones.  Pinball and video games galore…all set on free play.  2 hours for $20 per person or $40 for the family.  Highly recommended way to pass a couple hours with the kids!”

-Susan P., Imperial, PA

“I happened upon the Museum one afternoon after lunch and was amazed by the collection. It was like stepping back in time, to the days gone past.  To the days of scrounging for change so you could head to the local arcade with a pocket full of quarters to waste the day away playing your favorite games.  It made me feel young again, which was priceless and a needed break from the day to day. Quickly I realized I had to bring my son, so he could finally experience the true arcade experience, not a gaming system at home.  My wife came along and for two hours we all got to get lost in the shear fun of the place. Arcade machines and pinball machines from the 50’s to today, all for one price.  No reaching for more quarters or running out while playing.  Pay the entry fee and free play until your done. We have already been back since, and will be stopping again many times. Hope they continue to build their collection. Look forward to see what they bring in next.”

-Christopher K., Ambridge, PA

“If you grew up in the 70s or 80s and spent much of your youth in arcades, then you need to get to this place. About 10-15 minutes beyond the Pgh International Airport, the Coin Op HOF is a gamer’s dream. Went with my friend and his 2 young sons (13 & 8) and they loved it just as much as us old-timers. As one of the other reviewers mentioned, it’s just as good as Funspot in NH (where King of Kong was largely filmed). (Though Funspot has many other attractions such as bowling and ticket/prize-type games, the classic video game/pinball collection at the Coin Op HOF is arguably better). I’ve been there a couple times since they recently opened and noticed that they also rotate in and out some games, which keeps things fresh. The amazing thing is the amount of pre-videogame games they have, such as shooting games involving light-beam or air-compressor or even water-powered guns. It’s basically $20 for 2 hours of unlimited games, but man do those 2 hours whip by.”

-Steve M., Pittsburgh, PA

“So this week we had the opportunity to visit Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall Of Fame & Museum! 40$ later (for 2) and 2 hours later, Angel and I were on cloud 9! Amazing, amazing place with an incredible collection (and a growing one, at that!). We were greeted at the door by a fellow named Sean, who acts as curator and guide, and gave a really cool rundown of what the Museum was all about as well as the history of Coin-Op gaming! And even though I couldn’t stop ‘gramming everything while he was presenting, Sean was kind and courteous throughout my kid-in-a-candy-store excitement! Ed, the boss of the operations is really incredibly passionate about what they do there (apparently, our friend Brian over at Game Masters Realm learned how to service arcade cabinets underneath Ed’s Tutelage!). He was warm and friendly, and had such an excitement to him about what he had created! Angel and I hope to have a cafe field trip down there soon, once we get enough people onboard! Until then, you ought check them out! Loads of fun!”

-The Fountainhead Cafe, Monaca, PA

“True nostalgia is what you will get here. After a brief history of video games, you are unleashed on more than 450 games. Pay one flat rate and play for free. A lot of the old time classic arcade games such as asteroids , space invaders, Donkey Kong, Pacman and many more that I can’t even list. Let’s not mention the numerous amounts pinball machines from the very old to the brand new. I would venture to guess that they have a few machines that exist nowhere else and they work. This is my second time going and I foresee going back many more times. So load up the family and bring them on in and educate them to how their Xboxes and Playstations came to be. Very friendly staff very clean establishment, and a very fun time.”

-Vito F., Aliquippa, PA

“By far the most phenomenal collection of coin operated gaming machines I have ever seen! All in fantastic condition. This place is a must for all age groups. It is so much fun introducing my 12 year old son to the games that I cherish. He absolutely loved visiting the museum.”

-Jim M., Beaver, PA

“By far the most phenomenal collection of coin operated gaming machines I have ever seen! All in fantastic condition. This place is a must for all age groups. It is so much fun introducing my 12 year old son to the games that I cherish. He absolutely loved visiting the museum.”

-James M. (Location Not Provided)

“This was our first visit to the Pa Coin Operated Gaming Hall and Museum. We had a blast. My wife and I enjoy pinball, but there weren’t any machines left in the area…until now. One of the owners gave us a brief intro to the history of their business and led us into the amazing array of available machines. There is a game for every age and interest and many will bring back fond memories to those of us who had Pong as their first game system. This is a must see and a great place for families, couples and parties. We paid to play for two hours, but definitely could easily have stayed longer!”

-Dave D., Midland, PA

“Do you know about the secret hiding spot in Pac Man where the ghosts can’t get you? Know the secret to making the aliens stop bombing you in Galaga? Ever suffer from “flipper fingers”? Then this place is for you!

The Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame and Museum is “Graceland” for anyone that was an arcade baby from years ago. The sounds you hear when you first walk in will time warp you back to the days of old when the arcades were king. Over 400 machines for the playing at your convenience and all on free play! $20 gets you 2 hours of play time. No quarters or tokens needed!

They also have machines of skill as well. I remember these from days of old Idora Park, Junkyard especially, and the old shooting games. Make sure to try out Fire Chief.

Ed, Sean, Zak and the friendly staff there make your experience there a fantastic and memorable one. Be sure to have Sean give you the museum tour on how the coin-op machines started out and the displays of the merchandise that was available for retail sales in stores country wide.

The Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame and Museum is a perfect place to go to get away from the daily rigors of life and become a kid again, or at least for a while.”

-Sean C., Monaca, PA

“The sheer number of pinballs and classic arcades alone will keep you coming back over and over and over again. In a great location, very clean, and the staff are super friendly and know all the history about their games. Heck, they’ll even play a game with you if you ask! The machines are in outstanding working order compared to other places I’ve been to with a MUCH smaller foot print. These guys definitely care and have an incredible passion. My son loves it! I’m enthralled to see him playing pinball and classic arcades, enjoying the roots of today’s hi-tech graphics on Wii U, Xbox and PlayStation. If you haven’t been yet, GO NOW!”

-Evan B., Coraopolis, PA

“Machines, machines, machines everywhere! Arcade games I haven’t seen in 30 years, and some I’ve never seen. Ed and his staff have a time machine there with pop culture, music, and educational displays.”

-Raymond F. (via Facebook)

“My friend and I were anxiously awaiting an opportunity to visit this place. I had built up a huge expectation in my mind leading up to our visit and it was even better than I had imagined. This place is truly a remarkable step into the past with so many great games and pinball tables to play. The layout and decor were impressive and the staff was knowledgeable and fun. I can’t wait to return again with even more of my friends!”

-Daniel S., Freedom, PA

“There is only one word to describe this place: “WOW!””

-Derek S., Canonsburg, PA

“I visited once and decided to purchase a season pass (for the next 3 months I can visit unlimited times) because I knew I’d be back. This place is quite large and is jam-packed full of arcade games, pinball machines and everything in between. It has games and pinball machines from decades ago up to recent ones. They are all on free-play so your entrance fee covers everything for your time there. It is a very easy way to kill some time or to relive your childhood in the arcade. Definitely DEFINITELY worth the time and money.”

-MatchGame90, Pittsburgh, PA

“Talk about being time warped back to the 80’s! From the friendly staff to the awesome variety of machines, I can’t say I’ve ever spent $20 better. This place is incredible!”

-Sean C. (via Facebook)

“It is downright amazing!!! Can’t wait to go back, by far the largest and best assortment of vintage games and tables I’ve seen since I was a kid!”

-Anthony D., Pittsburgh, PA

“Super fun, I loved the huge variety of games and how knowledgeable everyone was. When a machine confused me, I was ready to just walk on to the next game, but one of the guys explained it… great customer service and a wonderful couple hours. Worth the admission fee and drive.”

-MaryEllen M. (via Facebook)

“Went today & had a blast with my son. Definitely going back. Very friendly too.”

-Eric J., Moon, PA

“This is Great Fun for all family members!! We really enjoyed this place, will go again for sure.”

-Carrie & Ken M. (via Facebook)

“it was so awesome!”

-Anonymous (via Groupon)

“This place is AMAZING!! Great for families, people visiting from out of town, or just a rainy Pittsburgh day. $20 gets you all the play you can squeeze into 2 hours, and that’s a lot. Personally, I am not your typical pinball/ arcade gamer and I had a BLAST. Really informative and enthusiastic staff, you can feel their passion.  If your a child of the 70’s or 80’s this place is MUST!!!!!”

-Valerie R., McDonald, PA

“Relived my childhood today. Fantastic museum with over 400 video and pinball arcade games that you can play. There is an entrance fee of $20 which gives you two hours of unlimited play. Their website is very informative and offers coupons to make it less expensive. They offer birthday parties there.”

-Jean, Pittsburgh, PA (via TripAdvisor)

“I saw this advertised as a new business in our area so I called and spoke with Chris to ask about a field trip. He did a wonderful job setting up an educational and fun field trip for our large group of Home educating families. We were accommodated with excellent care from the time we walked in the door, handling our large group of parents and children with ease. We were put into 2 groups and simultaneously received a guided tour of the museum by two very professional gentlemen- Ed and Zach, that were extremely knowledgeable of the history and workings of all the modern and vintage gaming machines. Then we were set free to play and they purposefully made themselves available to answer questions and give further background and understanding on all the attractions there. It was overwhelming and incredible the number of pinball and video machines! Quite a sight to see- everyone should have this opportunity! We had a delicious pizza lunch catered by the local pizza parlor in their very roomy party area with plenty of tables & chairs and a pop & snack machine. What a trip down memory lane for the parents and an eye-opening experience for the younger generation!! So much fun for every age and gender. The facility is very clean with very nice restrooms and all the walls, including the restrooms, are creatively decorated with fun posters and album covers from earlier eras! The staff is excellent in their knowledge, professional manner and making it fun and interesting for everyone, very family oriented. We definitely plan to return! It is a great experience for all ages!”

-Carrie H. (via TripAdvisor)

“This place is pinball/arcade game heaven!  Once you pay your $20 for 2 hours of play, you can play any game you want. I smiled when I came in, I smiled while I was playing  and I was smiling when I left. And, I was so excited, I forgot to play Q*Bert!”

-Terence S., Rochester, PA

“Went to the PA Coin-Operated Gaming Hall of Fame today in Aliquippa. Place was absolutely amazing. If the place did not have every single Atari vector arcade game ever made, they had almost all of them and they were easily the cleanest ones I had ever seen. They also had a lot of the B/W screened games like Sprint, Le Mans, Fire Truck, etc. along with games like Kangaroo, Crystal Castles, etc. If you are on the East Coast, I would suggest going. Can’t say enough good things about this place.”

-Cliff F., Homer City, PA

“Rows and rows of vintage and modern video and pinball games! Some of these machines are so rare that fewer than a dozen were ever made. Bring the kids and show them your favorites from your youth! Discover new, cool machines. Have your next birthday party here! Or maybe a team building event to get your stodgy boss out of a rut… This place is truly where you should go to blow off some steam, relax, laugh and beat that high score! The staff is great, too!”

-Mary K (via Tripadvisor)

“My wife and I love to play pinball, but there is no where left to play. We read about the PA Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame in our local paper and couldn’t wait to go. We went there on the 4th of July and were overwhelmed with the number of games available. One of the owners gave us a quick introduction to their business and the history of pinball/video games which was very interesting. But the most amazing thing is the size of the area and the number of games available. There are literally rows and rows of games from vintage to current and everything in between. We chose to play pinball for our 2 hour “ticket” and could easily have stayed longer. If there is a game you remember playing in your past, it will be there. We had a blast. We plan to take our grown sons and their wives there for a fun night out soon! Don’t miss this Beaver County treat.”

-Dave D. (via TripAdvisor)

“Words alone cannot express how great this place is!  An amazing assortment of classic games to play.  I took my wife who admittedly is not a “gamer” by any means and after spending 8 hours playing pinball and classic arcade games she still hadn’t had enough!  The ability to just walk up to any macjhine you wand and play to your hearts content is quite a rush.  I still didn’t get very far on Dragon’s Lair but at least it didn’t gobble up any quarters in the process of humiliating me!  If you even have a remore interest in arcade/pinball fun, you owe it to yourself to grab some friends and head on down.  Already planning my return visit from NY!  If I lived in the area, this place would become a real hazard to my real, everyday way of life!”

-Regan J., Calverton, NY 

“I think it’s safe to say when most of us hear/see the word “Museum” the phrase “look but don’t touch” comes to mind.  That is absolutely not the case at the Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame Museum.  The entire point of this museum is to relive your youth and play to your heart’s desire.  Your inner 13-year-old will be doing backflips upon entering a domain that houses over 400 vintage pinball and arcade games.  Photos do not do this place justice.  I spent the first 15 minutes walking around and attempting to take it in before wading into a gaming frenzy.

Your ears will be humming with the clicks and chimes of the classic electro-magnetic pinball units.  Your eyes will pop taking in all the classic arcade units.  Everything is set to free play.  If you played it in your youth, odds are high that they have it here.  Not only vintage units but new high-end pinball machines like Iron Man, AC/DC and The Avengers; not roped off to admire but right along side all the other machines, beckoning you to play.

My friend and I made a 3 hour drive to visit this place and I will most certainly return.  The Coin-Op HOF & Museum exceeded all of my expectations. They have multiple admission packages to cover a couple hours to an all-day gaming bonanza.

One word of warning, bring ibuprofen.  Your previously mentioned inner 13-year-old will be jumping for joy but your 30/40 something year old wrists are going to feel the effects of 8+ hours of gaming!”

-Rob K., Galion, OH

“This place is incredible.  A better description is “classic arcade game nexus/nirvana and pinball heaven”.  They have it all.  At least 400 arcade games and pinball machines spanning the 60s, 70s, 80, 90s, 00s, and today!  They had every arcade game and pinball machines from the 80s and beyond that I wanted to play!  They even had Krull (the video game)!  KRULL!  

Video/arcade game wise, they have everything from older 60s era electromechanical shooters, to 70s era black and white Atari classics to almost anything you’ll remember from the 1980s, to various hits of the 1990s and more!

Pinball-wise, you can play rows and rows of older 60s-70s games all the way up to to modern classics like Tron LE and AC/DC LE (and virtually anything you can think of in between).  Medieval Madness, Black Knight 2000, Earthshaker, Addams Family, Eight Ball Deluxe, Centaur, Haunted House, Spirit, Solar Fire … they’re all there!!!!  

More importantly, everything just works.  The owners assured me that over time as more people visit and donations come in, the games will be fine tuned and perfected as best they can be.  Still, 400 machines and only very, very few were down.  That bodes well as I’m sure it will only get better as time marches on.  This place is a labor of love.  It shows.

None of the games are eyesores.  All of them look great and are, for the most part, original (quite important for a museum).  They purposefully shoot for originality.  Only very few used “modernized” components (i.e. a couple of games have LCDs instead of old CRTs, some pinball machines have LED displays, but, again, this is just to insure the game is playable for visitors .. over time, they’ll strive to insure they’re original as best they can).  Some of the rarest of the rare games even have original artwork in outstanding condition!  

If you are concerned that you are walking into an arcade that is loaded with those modern “retro” compilations, think again.  Every cabinet is the cabinet you remember from the time in your life you first played the game.  You’re going to be blown away hearing all of the ambient noise from all of these machines much like you did during the time you first played this stuff.  Nostalgia hits you like a ton of bricks the moment you walk in :-).

For those of you into emulation on your computers, just think of this place as MAME and PinMAME come to life.  I mean, it is literally like you’ve pulled a Tron and jumped into your computer when running MAME :-).  

You will not be disappointed spending a day or more at this place.  What’s scary is that it has only just begun!!!!  Best of luck, and here’s to years of success!  This place is a winner!”

-Ed H., Pittsburgh, PA

“If you love video games and/or pinball, set aside SEVERAL hours. You won’t want to leave! We had a group of 5: 2 adults, 2 12-year olds and a 15-year old and we all LOVED it!”

-Anonymous (via Groupon)

“If you love to play old video games and pinball machines like you used to in the arcade, this place is for you! Awesome place and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

-Anonymous (via Groupon)

“Allow yourself a lot of time. There are hundreds of pinball machines and old school video games, all in fantastic working condition, available for unlimited play. It is an amazing collection!”

-Anonymous (via Groupon)

“Enjoyed my Sunday afternoon at the HOF! Staff was great, games were awesome and four hours is NOT enough to take it all in! By the way, Ed: I sent you a ‘Friend Request’ and message on here…please check your ‘Other Folder’ under messages. And by the way: your Thai restaurant recommendation was GREAT, too!”

-Scott R., Fairmont, WVa

“The most fantastic collection of machines I have ever seen!! I will definitely be back soon!!”

-Marty Boggess, Moon, PA

“This is a fantastic family-friendly venue! I loved being able to play any game I wanted for as long as I wanted without having to lug around a bag of quarters or tokens. Good times & good memories!”

-Lizz D., Westlake, OH

“A great place to go back in time, and play the games that started it all.”

-Mark R., Carnegie, PA

“Hands down, the Very Best Collection of both ultra rare arcades and pins I have seen and played to date! Plus the quality and condition of the most the games is quite incredible. These guys are the real deal and serious about their name. Super nice and knowledgeable crew as well. This place is historic and I highly recommend anyone who loves arcades and pinball to make sure they visit this place this Summer!”

-Alan M., Columbus, OH

“Electrical Americana of a by gone age at it’s finest! Drop in and rewind!”

-Leni L., Salton Sea Beach, CA