Museum Tour

Pinball PA is located in the Hopewell Shopping Center at 2284 Brodhead Road, Suite 10b, Aliquippa, PA 15001.

We are a museum that proudly showcases vintage video games and pinball machines from gaming’s heyday that caused the worlds of art, science and pop culture all to develop as the result of their rise to prominence. Our museum features a wide array of video games and pinball machines, all set up to be utilized as “interactive exhibits” within our location where visitors can experience the artistic excellence, the technology, and ultimately the gameplay of these machines to showcase the experience that millions of people shared when these machines first appeared in arcades, gamerooms, restaurants and other establishments throughout their now-long history of existence.

In addition to the games themselves, our museum features showcases designed to show many of the effects that gaming had on pop culture over the years. This includes now laughable newspaper articles about how gaming was to cause the corruption of all that played them, how it was banned in some parts of the country as it was thought to be “mob run”, etc. Further, we showcase how the development and growth of arcade games led to the invention of the home systems, which have now become one of the largest industries in the entire world. We finally showcase some actual machines in a dismantled form so that your visitors can see just what makes a pinball machine and video game tick. This will help to understand just how far the science has developed since these early “computers” gained mass popularity.

Below, please find a “photo tour” of our facility, designed to give you an idea of just what you can experience on your next trip to Pinball PA.

Enjoy, and “get your game on”!!