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Pittsburgh's Best Arcade and Museum

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Where Are We Located?

Pinball PA is located at 2284 Brodhead Road, #10B, Aliquippa, PA 15001. We are located in the Hopewell Shopping Center! 

Pinball PA Hours Of Operation!


Pinball PA is open Tuesday through Friday from 2pm to 10pm.


Pinball PA is open Saturday from 11am to 10pm and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.


Pinball PA occasionally opens Mondays for holidays. Check below for information.

Admission Rates!

Individuals - Up To 2 Hours - $19.99
Individuals - All Day - $29.99

Family (Up to 4 People) - Up To 2 Hours -$39.99
Family (Up to 4 People) - All Day - $49.99

Group Rates (3 or More People) - $17.00 per person


Pinball PA is the very best place in Beaver and Allegheny Counties for birthday parties and corporate events.

If you are planning a birthday party or corporate event, make Pinball PA your first call...or just book your event online!

SMALL PARTIES: Range from 5-19 people, and start as low as $85, with players over 5 charged at only $17 per person!

LARGE PARTIES: 20 people or more for $320, with players over 20 charged only $16 per player.

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Some Fun Facts About Pinball PA!

The Things You Need To Know!

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No Quarters Or Tokens Needed!

All games are set to free play! Just pay the admission and you can play all the games on the play floor. 

PInball PA - Video Games

Season Passes Available!

If you plan on being a more frequent guest at Pinball PA, we sell 90 day, unlimited access passes!*

Pinball PA

Field Trips Available!

If you are a school administrator, we offer S.T.E.M. and S.T.E.A.M. focused field trips for your students!

Pinball PA News!

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Pinball PA Closing Early Sunday, August 15th

Pinball PA will be closing at 2pm on Sunday, August 15th for

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I'm  Chris Akin!

I'm so happy to be able to continue to bring you all the fun, education and entertainment that we can fit into our little space at Pinball PA! We appreciate all of your patronage throughout the years, and look forward to continuing to entertain you for years to come! Thanks for the support!! 

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