Image: Vector, Pinball, Arcade, Pennsylvania

RELEASED: March 24, 1981
UNITS: 3,500

Artist Greg Freres offers some interesting information about the evolution of a design team:

Vector was a bit of an experiment when it came to the design philosophy at that time. We were in the midst of trying to save pinball from the video monster and I’m not sure who it was, but the idea of working as a complete “team” was introduced as a concept to hopefully improve upon the design from the ground up by allowing more ideas to flow into the process. Before this the design group would build whitewoods, play them, tweak them, and then decide which of them would become the next game. Some of the games had more input from art or marketing from the inception, like Xenon, but for the most part the games would get blessed by Norm [Clark], etc and get sent to the art department for the finished theme and package.

The 1982 Bally/Midway pinball parts catalog page 41 indicates the top flipper is the same part number and uses the same size rubberring as the two 3-inch flippers at the bottom of the playfield. However, every game we have seen has the shorter 2-inch size for this topflipper (and a smaller ring). We asked designer Greg Kmiec if ever a 3-inch flipper was intended, or if changes were made during production. He confirmed his original playfield drawing has a small flipper in this upper playfield location. He said that a larger flipperwould somewhat inhibit the pinball from entering the upper playfield and provide too much power shooting at the nearby targets. He does not remember changing his original design to a larger flipper anytime during the production run. From this, it appears the parts manual is in error to indicate the top flipper is the same size as the bottom flippers.

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database