Production: 10 units

Released: May, 1982

‘Thunderball’ never went into production. Williams experimented with having drop targets on the upper ramp before deciding on standing targets, and one game with this variation has been seen by an IPDB Editor

James T. Hawes, technical writer and technical support technician at Williams, wrote content for and assisted in the design of four backbox toppers for this game. He contracted with a local art studio for the final pieces. They were a simple tent-shaped sign made of Fome-Cor. The front showed multi-colored “bullet points” (text) on a black background.

Hawes was firm in his recollection that there were exactly four toppers made, to promote four test games that were put out on location, one topper for each, but he believes Williams likely made engineering samples of Thunderball as well.

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database