Production: 15,202 units

Released: July, 1991

First Williams standard pinball game *designed* to use a “standard” Dot Matrix Display (DMD), although Midway’s 1991 ‘Gilligan’s Island’ was the first standard pinball game to be manufactured with a DMD because the T2 design cycle took longer to complete.

First game to feature a video mode.

First game with a swing-out Cannon, fired by the player.

Reportedly, due to pre-release secrecy around the Robert Patrick ‘liquid metal’ T-1000 character and the chance the game could be released prior to the film, the T-1000 character was not shown in the cabinet, playfield, and backglass artwork, with the exception of a small picture of actor Robert Patrick on a light shield. With the game still in development, by the time the DMD programming was finalizing (which happens after the artwork), the liquid T-1000 was already public knowledge, which allowed the character to be included in the display animation. When a player gets an extra ball, the DMD graphic stating to shoot again is a clip of the T-1000 opening a door and getting shot by Arnie with a shotgun.

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database