Production: 500 units

Released: June, 2007

A Spider-Man Shaker Motor Kit, SPI Part Number 502-5027-00, includes the shaker motor, cover, shaker motor PCB, template, instructions, and all necessary hardware.

We heard Steve Ritchie had wanted a variable-speed motor for the Green Goblin toy but it was too costly and/or difficult to have. He comments on it:
“It’s true. I wanted to vary the speed to make it progressively harder to make a shot. We got stuck with a single speed (FAST!) motor that met the cost criteria, but not the fun factor. We couldn’t hit the lit target if our lives depended on it. The swinging target device that the first mechanical engineer designed was huge, expensive and complicated.

Being stuck with one speed was boring, so we dumped the whole idea. What we ended up with (a “twitching” GG) was weak and, although I asked him many times to improve it, the second engineer ended up giving us the mechanism that is Green Goblin. I asked Lyman [Sheats] to do multiple “twitches” instead of just one when a target was successfully hit. I think he managed it, in the end.”

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database, Pinside