Production: 3,700 units

Released: March, 1985

Dave Rzepka told us that he started the programming for this game but it was finished by someone else after he left Williams. Later, Ed Suchocki told us that he was the programmer for this game.

Two different playfield color schemes have been identified for this game. The differences are found in the color of the sorcerer’s robe and trim, the colors of the feathers on the skull located just above the upper flipper, and the colors of the feathers on the skull located below the upper flipper. We have viewed several playfields and find the two versions can be defined as follows:

• Royal purple robe with pink trim. Both skulls have green and red feathers.
• Blue robe with red trim. Upper skull has red and white feathers. Lower skull has green, red, and white feathers.

We do not know if this represents a change of colors made during the production run or is evidence of two different companies screening the playfield. The sorcerer’s robe extends onto the plastic light shield that covers the center target bank and in all instances this plastic appears to be a dark blue (or han purple) color. Perhaps this suggests the robe was originally blue and then was changed to purple. Our images of an Early Production game are not clear enough to assist this theory. The flyer game shows the royal purple version.

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database