More than anything else, our goal at Pinball PA is the safety of our patrons. Please read the information below carefully. Failure to follow any of the instructions, regulations and/or conditions identified below could cause serious injury to yourself or other individuals. Individuals not following these rules completely and fully will be subject to immediate ejection from Pinball PA without refund.

At Pinball PA, safety is ALWAYS #1. It is always our goal to accommodate all of our guests so that they can get the most enjoyment out of our facility.

Facility Safety Standards – Our General Principles. Please understand that there may be circumstances when some people may be excluded or removed from utilizing certain games, machines or areas of our facility in the interest of the safety of all our patrons by facility personnel.

This may include, but is not limited to individuals who are:

  • not tall enough to safely play any game in our facility
  • patrons experiencing any sort of mental disability which may cause safety concerns for other patrons or harm to patrons or the facility equipment
  • people being under the influence of any substances (be it legal or illegal, drugs or medications, alcohol or any other chemicals or substances)
  • patrons showing any signs of illness or injury

In the interest of the safety of yourself and others, adhere to the following considerations:

Pay Attention.  Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you at all times. Our facility is a crowded place much of the time with people of all ages, heights and builds. Further, our location is filled with hundreds of machines, tables, chairs, vending machines and other potential obstacles that could cause someone to fall if they are not paying attention. As such, Pinball PA disclaims all liability, and shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, for any trip, slip, and/or fall you and/or any minor(s) in your care may suffer, nor for any injuries caused from walking or stumbling into objects or structures or falling over objects or structures. By entering our facility, you are agreeing to this waiver of all such liability.

No Running.  Running creates a potential slip, fall and collision hazard and will not be tolerated in our facility.

Wet or Slippery Surfaces.  There is the potential for some slippery surfaces, specifically in the bathrooms, the Party Center and in the food areas. Please be aware of this potential hazard, and notify facility personnel if you notice any wet surfaces.

Dress for Safety.  All clothing must be thoroughly secured to your person, and any carried items (such as a purse) must be personally handled at all times. All shoes with laces must be tied, and all with velcro must be secured at all times. Footwear must be worn at all times. Flip flops or like footwear is not permitted. At no time will any clothing be permitted that represents gang affiliations of any kind be permitted in the facility.

No “Goofing Around”. Absolutely no climbing or hanging onto any of the games, chairs, tables or anything else within the location will be tolerated. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination from the facility without refund.

Use Caution When Sitting.  Our benches and chairs have one use – sitting. Under no circumstances will standing on them or jumping on them be tolerated, and will result in immediate termination from our facility without refund. If you are a larger or obese person, please exercise caution when sitting down to ensure your chair’s stability. At no time should multiple people share the same individual chair.

Be Careful In The Parking Lot. At Pinball PA, we are part of the Hopewell Shopping Center which has a very large parking lot. It’s no secret that a parking lot like this can be heavily trafficked and dangerous. Please drive carefully and slowly at all times when in the parking long. Stay alert for children, disabled persons, pets or any other obstacles in the parking lot. Our facility shall not be liable for theft, break-ins, collisions with your vehicle by anyone or anything or any other property damage. We have zero liability for anything occurring in the parking lot or on public roads.

Electronic Devices.  To fully experience our facility, we encourage you to bring your smart phone, tablet, camera or other devices that can take photos and/or scan a QC code to explore the history of all the games you are playing. This said, your devices enter the facility at your own risk. Our facility has zero liability for any electronic device that is lost, stolen or damaged in our facility.
Health Concerns. At Pinball PA, your health and safety is our number 1 concern. That said, we can’t know everyone’s health status. Please exercise caution to your own health while in the museum. If particular lighting pattern make you susceptible to seizures, avoid all games that may feature that lighting pattern. Watch all games in action before trying them if you are unsure, or ask a staff member of the facility to run a practical demonstration for you to determine if you can play the game safely or not. When purchasing food or drinks from our facility, do so with your allergies in mind. Our facility has zero liability for any health concern that arise with any patron. Entrance to our facility automatically waives any and all liability for health concerns in the museum.

Safety, Safety, Safety.  At all times, read, review and follow the instructions on all safety signs, instructions from facility staff, and any recorded warnings or instructions within our location or on our website. If you have any questions are are unclear of any instructions, please ask a member of our staff. If anything in the museum leaves you feeling unsafe, please let a member of our staff know immediately.



Patrons with Disabilities

Welcome!  Our goal is to accommodate our patrons who have disabilities as best we can and in compliance with the law. We try to make our games and pinball machines accessible to patrons as best we can, but are limited to the pre-determined manufacturing of these games. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that every game will be playable for every patron with a disability.

If you or someone you are bringing to our facility has a particular disability or special need, we ask that you contact us and speak with one of our representatives at least two days in advance of your visit so we can make any appropriate and available preparations for your visit. You can reach us at (412) 423-8532.

No Animals

Animals of any kind (to include, but not limited to, cats, dogs, rabbits, gerbils, snakes, pigs, hampsters, birds, spiders, tarantulas, turtles, lizards, mice, rats, monkeys, ferrets, mini-horses, etc.) are not allowed in our facility at any time. The only exception is for legally-defined service dogs. If you claim to have a “service dog”, you must provide verification of this in order to enter the facility with your service animal. Animals will not be permitted because they provide “personal security”, “emotional comfort” or because they are a stated companion. They will only be allowed as a service animal as identified by the Americans with Disabilities Act or other applicable laws with verification that said animal fits that description.

If a “service animal” is verified and allowed to enter the museum, it must be controlled by the patron bringing it into our facility at all times. Any activity that causes other patrons fear, discomfort, a safety concern or distraction from a service animal will result in immediate removal from the museum of the patron and their service animal without refund.

You may not feed or provide drinks to any service animal within the facility.

If your service animal needs to go to the bathroom, you will be permitted to take your service animal outside and return to the museum without further admission. If you have entered on a 2-hour admission, the time continues to be used during this time. If your service animal uses the bathroom in our facility, it is the responsibility of the patron to clean up the mess. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination from the facility without refund.

Leaving any animals in a vehicle while enjoying our facility is strictly prohibited. In such an event, animal control, local police or other government authorities may be called, and your car may be forcibly entered in order to tend to the safety and health of your animal. Any costs that are involved in a rescue operation of any pet left in a car falls on the patron, as well as any animal cruelty charges that may result.

Children – Notice to Parents & Guardians

Children under 13 years of age may NOT be at the museum without adult supervision.   Regardless, we strongly recommend that minors (under 18) be accompanied by an adult.

Pinball PA does not assume any responsibility or liability for unattended minors. Children and the behavior of all minors are the sole responsibility of their parent(s) or guardian(s), and parents/guardians may be held legally liable for all acts of the children under their care. It is the responsibility of the responsible parent(s) or guardian(s) to ensure that children act responsibility at all times. This includes ensure no running, wrestling, gymnastics, playing “tag”, throwing anything, being unnecessarily loud, standing on chairs, damaging the games or anything else in the facility, etc.

Pinball PA is NOT a daycare facility. If you choose to leave any minors at our facility, you do so knowing that in no event does the facility, it’s staff or it’s ownership assume any responsibility for them. Minors in violation of any facility rules may be ejected or detained at the facility management’s discretion as evaluated from situation to situation based on the circumstances.

If you cannot find your child in the facility, our facility staff is available to assist you. Simply notify one of our staff members, who will be happy to assist in locating your child.

Rules of Guest Behavior

Our facility is designed to be a family friendly environment, and becaue of that, all guests must behave accordingly. Violations will result in ejection from the museum without refund or any other compensation.

The following are strictly prohibited and subject any violator to ejection without refund:

  • Smoking.  Smoking of any substance, through any means, is not permitted, including without limitation, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, hookahs, marijuana, bongs or electronic cigarettes.
    • Medical Marijuana?  Medical marijuana is not permitted, legal or otherwise, at or in our facility. Anyone in possession of marijuana or using marijuana (legally or otherwise) will be ejected from our facility.
    • Electronic Cigarettes?  No electronic cigarettes are permitted in our facility.  Regardless of the health consideration our patrons exhibit by smoking electronic cigarettes, they are an annoyance to many of our patrons and are, therefore, not permitted.
      Offensive Conduct.  As a family friendly facility, we do not allow profanity, cursing, making offensive comments or gestures, pushing, flashing of body parts, spitting or any other offensive content.
  • Fighting.  Any fighting of any kind will result in immediate ejection from our facility. This includes physical confrontations, invitations or challenges to fight. You may also be ejected for any physically aggressive conduct exhibited toward any member of the staff or any other patron in the museum.
  • Property Damage and Theft.  Purposeful damage to anything in the museum is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Any violators of this rule will be ejected and the appropriate authorities will be notified for further action.
  • Entry into Employee-Only and other Non-Guest Areas.  Access to these areas by anyone other than employees is strictly prohibited. These areas are not maintained as part of our environment and are deemed unsafe for patrons. Hence, they are off limits. Anyone accessing these areas will be ejected from the facility without refund.

Dress Code – No Inappropriate Clothing or Nudity

In an effort to keep our environment family friendly, Pinball PA does not allow revealing clothing that could be deemed offensive by others. This includes the following:

  • Shirts covering the belly, and shoes, are required at all times.  All “private” body areas must be appropriately covered.  The facility does not allow baggy/sagging pants or other clothing which reveals underwear, the pelvis area, or the buttocks.
  • Bathing suits and bikinis are not permitted. 
  • For safety reasons and to prevent property damage to our equipment as well as other patrons, the museum must prohibit clothing with metal rivets or spikes, metal fasteners or buckles, or belts.  
  • Halloween-styled attire, to include all masks or horror costumes, are not permitted. We additionally don’t permit any clothing that depicts any sort of blood or blood spatter.
  • Appropriate “public” clothing required.  No pajamas, bath robes, lingerie, indoor slippers, costumes of any kind, etc. will be permitted in the facility at any time.
  • No vulgar or offensive tattoos, statements or artwork on clothing.  This includes curse words, depictions of sexual acts or nudity, depictions or messages of violence, and racially or religiously divisive/hateful  material. If you have tattoos that depict any vulgarity, sexual acts or nudity, they must be covered in order to enter our facility.
  • No gang clothing, hand-signs, “colors,” or tattoos.

Weapons & Other Prohibited Items

The following are strictly prohibited at Pinball PA, including without limitation in parked cars, concealed on one’s person, or carried in bags:

  • Weapons of any kind (including without limitation, firearms, knives, letter openers, scissors, box cutters, bats, collapsible canes, arrow tips, blackjacks, clubs, mace, pepper spray, tasers, brass-knuckles, chains, canes carried as a weapon or which conceal a weapon, etc.), fireworks, explosives, or ammunition.
  • Tools (screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, chisels, pruning shears, multi-tool knives, etc.).
  • Spray paint, magic markers, glass objects or bottles, spiked clothing, jewelry (which is large, sharply edged, or spiked, such that it poses a safety concern).
  • Folding chairs, beach umbrellas, tents.
  • Radios/boom boxes, musical instruments.
  • Skateboards, unicycles, stilts, pogo sticks, spring-loaded footwear, Segways and other mobility devices, bicycles, roller skates and other toys or methods of convenience.  (If you need a wheelchair or scooter, we are of course happy to accommodate you; please see our Guests with Disabilities section herein).  Our museum is a crowded place, and the only way to keep our common areas safe is to ensure that people do not have devices which create a heightened risk.

Security at the Museum

Pinball PA works hard to ensure that your experience with us is a happy and entertaining one. Sadly and unfortunately, some people will enter our facility with wicked intent. We have no way we can erase that. Because of this, we regrettably ask you to understand that our facility does not and cannot guarantee your personal security or your personal property. By entering, you acknowledge that the museum and it’s staff will not be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged possessions. We also do not provide storage for personal items.

As we are sure you are aware, there is no place in society today that is fully protected from individuals acting criminally if that is their intent. Pinball PA staff will and does try to watch over the activities in our facility reasonably, and respond professionally to any security threats or incidents that may occur. If you experience any security issue, please notify our staff immediately.

Photography – Personal & Commercial

Personal.  Our guests are encouraged to take pictures of themselves, their family, their friends, their group or the facility for the own personal collection, use on social media, etc. This said, no one is permitted to take pictures of others who object or otherwise violates another person’s privacy, rights to publicity. You are further not permitted to take photos which can be perceived as harassing, stalking or threatening.

Photos, video recording or image taking of any kind are strictly prohibited in all circumstances in bathrooms. Violators will be held for law enforcement and are subject to arrest and prosecution.

The Museum May Take and Use Images & Video of All Guests.  Pinball PA at all times reserves the right to take still photos or videos of patrons in our facility for any reason. These images can be used for marketing, advertising, promotion, on social media, live streaming on internet broadcasts, for safety and security, for documentation as evidence in a legal or criminal matter or investigation, for news reporting, and otherwise in an unrestricted manner for legitimate purposes. All property ownership of such materials, and copyright in and to all such materials, shall belong exclusively to the museum in perpetuity, without any compensation or other consideration to any guest or other person in, on or around the museum property.

Commercial.  Commercial photography of any kind is strictly prohibited (including without limitation, still or moving images, modeling shots, student films, comedy routines, documentaries, commercials, TV news, major motion picture films, Internet soap operas, reality TV, actor demo reels, submission videos for reality TV, footage as part of a school project, documentation of stunts and dangerous activities (whether for commercial use or not), promotional videos, music videos, cable programs, etc.), except where prior, written permission has been obtained from the museum’s owner in the form of a contract signed by an executive within museum’s corporate office.

In any event where unauthorized video or images has been uploaded to any social media channel, the museum shall have the unrestricted and exclusive right and authority to have such materials removed.  Any materials which defame the museum may result in legal action for damages, and the museum shall have absolute right and authority to obtain both temporary and permanent injunctions from the further use or dissemination of such material, in all channels and all mediums of communications, throughout the world, whether now known or hereafter devised, and to obtain all materials and obtain an order for the destruction of all such materials.

Food & Beverage

Pinball PA has an assortment of foods and beverages available.  Contact the museum if you desire more specific information not available on these web pages.

Allergies?  The museum cannot, and does not, make any representations or guarantees whatsoever regarding allergy-free contents of any foods or beverages, or the safety thereof (especially with regard to any allergies. We are not the food manufacturers/suppliers, as we get all of our food and beverage products from third parties.  At a minimum, guests with allergy concerns should avoid any foods or beverages unless they are packaged, and you are 100% confident in the manufacturer/supplier which has provided the museum with such food or beverage.  foods that are in any way unpackaged, prepared, or handled by the museum (as opposed to packaged goods, provided to you in a sealed package), have a higher risk of contamination with other products containing allergens, so in the interests of your safety, we strongly urge you to avoid all such unpackaged products provided by the museum.

Personal Food, Beverage and Coolers.

Patrons are not permitted to bring in food from the outside. The only exception is parent(s) bringing in baby food or formula to feed their baby (2 years old and under).

Breast Feeding

The museum welcomes all breastfeeding mothers and their children and (in accordance with applicable law) does not discriminate against breastfeeding mothers.  Museum staff may approach a breastfeeding mother to offer a more private area to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is not permitted in the game aisles, as it creates a hazard for both patrons, the nursing mother and the infant child.

Non-Gaming/Museum Activities – Politics, Protests, etc.

The museum does not allow any non-arcade/pinball/gaming activities by guests, including without limitation, political activities, fundraising, organized or group religious practices or rituals, demonstrations, exercise classes, athletic team practices, unauthorized commercial activities, or protests, anywhere on-site, nor anywhere outside the museum’s perimeter where such activities may interfere with museum operations, guest attendance or enjoyment, or traffic flow into/out of/around the museum, or which would compromise safety and security. At a minimum, any protests/demonstrations must be outside of the museum’s property and at least 500 feet away from all museum entrances/exits. Anyone violating this rule on or within museum property will be subject to immediate removal from museum premises.

Operational Policies

  • Prices and operating schedule are subject to change without notice.
  • All games are subject to temporary maintenance and safety shutdowns.
  • Season Pass holders must present their passes to gain entrance to the museum (season passes are NOT transferable for others to use). Season Pass entry is only valid once a day. Guests who leave the museum may return if they accessed on an all day pass for that calendar day. Leaving at any time during a 2-hour admission ends your admission, and requires a new purchase to re-enter.
  • These Museum Rules & Policies are not comprehensive, and are subject to change without notice. The museum may have numerous additional rules and procedures applicable to guests which, if not followed, may subject the guest to ejection without refund.

Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB)

Pinball PA allows people to bring their own beer to the facility as part of your experience.

To bring your own beer, there is a $10 upcharge to your admission, which provides you a space in the party center to keep your beer or wine stored while gaming.

The following rules apply to bringing your own alcohol to our facility:

  • Only beer or wine are permitted in the facility. Absolutely no hard liquor.
  • Beer and wine is to be kept and consumed in the party center. At no time will alcohol be allowed on the gaming floor.
  • Hours when beer and wine are allowed at the museum are as follow:
    • Tuesday-Friday – 5pm until close.
    • Saturday-Sunday – 2pm until close.
  • No underaged drinking will be permitted. Anyone caught drinking in the facility who is underage will be immediately removed, as well as the person that provided them with the alcohol.
  • Anyone seen to be intoxicated will be removed from the facility. This is at the discretion of Pinball PA staff and is not open for debate of any kind. Anyone questioning the museum staff’s decision to remove them will be reported immediately to the local authorities.
  • For times when there are parties booked and there is no available space in the Party Center, alcohol will not be permitted.
  • Alcohol is limited to one 12 pack of beer or two bottles of wine per person.

Please be respectful of your fellow patrons around you. We allow our customers to bring their own alcohol as a courtesy.