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Red Baron is an arcade game developed by Atari, Inc and released in 1980. A first-person flight simulator game, the player takes the role of a World War I ace in a biplane fighting on the side of the Allies. The game is named after the nickname of Manfred von Richthofen, German flying ace. The game utilizes the same monochrome vector graphics and similar arcade hardware as Atari’s own immensely popular Battlezone; both were developed at the same time. Like Battlezone, the player is presented with a first-person view of the action. Both Battlezone and Red Baron required additional hardware, an “Auxiliary” board, to perform the mathematical computations required for simulating a 3D environment.

The game is divided up into many rounds, although most are repetitive in nature. Most rounds are divided into air combat (shooting from one to three airplanes in formation) and ground combat (two zeppelins and multiple ground targets). While the game does not feature accurate flight physics (it is not possible to crash the plane directly into the ground, for instance), the vector-rendered mountain ranges serve as solid objects and flying into or through them causes the player to crash and lose one life. The mountain ranges do not impede attacks, either from the player or the enemies, and can be shot through.

SOURCE: Wikipedia