Production: 2,750 units

Released: January, 1990

Pictured in this listing is an Early Production game, serial number 009, which was one of several (10?) that Data East had sent to a Bose® speaker factory to have speakers and amp installed to promote the new DE sound system. The lamp boards under the playfield are red, instead of green, in this Early Production version. Excluding the specially-equipped speakers, no other differences have been identified from later production games except, reportedly, some different sound bites were used on the ROMs.

Paul Faris states his daughter was his model for the Christine Dae character on the backglass.

We previously listed the Manufacture Date as April, 1990.

This game was produced from January 1990 to June 1990.

The Phantom of the Opera was a French novel by Gaston Leroux, first published in 1910. Many film and stage productions have been adapted from it, over the years.

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database