Production: 16,260 units

Released: April, 1978

‘Mata Hari’ was produced in both EM and SS versions.

There are about 20(?) prototypes with a plastic rather than a wood playfield.

The backglass shows a dagger; there’s a version with an inscription on that dagger reading “Meine Ehre heißt Treue” (German, “My honor is loyalty”). This inscription was the motto of the Waffen SS troops in WWII and was adapted from a statement made by Hitler in 1931. Mata Hari died during WWI rendering the inscription an anachronism for this game.

Margaretha Zelle (1876-1917) was born in the Netherlands and established herself as a successful exotic dancer, traveling all over Europe under the name Mata Hari. During WWI she consorted with high-ranking officers, both German and French, which ultimately led to her being executed as a spy.

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database