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Time: 120 Minutes

Price: $299.99 Plus $15.00 For Each Person Over 20 People

Pinball PA proudly presents our party center for your birthday party or other event needs.

By booking a Large Party, you get the following:

2 Hour Admittance with the full gaming experience for up to 50 party participants. Pricing is as follows:

  • First 20 people – $299.99 for the booking
  • For parties up to 35 people, $299.99 for the booking + $15 per person from person #21 to person #35.
  • For parties up to 50 people, $299.99 for the booking + 14 per person from person #21 to person #50.

NOTE: For Children’s large parties, we will allow 1 chaperone per every 5 children at no additional cost.

1 Hour and 45 minutes access to a reserved section of our party center. This section offers the following:

— Four (4) tables (with table cloth) and chairs for up to 40 participants.

— One staging table for setting gifts/coats/etc. (NOTE: Responsibility of any and all items left in the party center falls on the booking participant and not Pinball PA).

— Up to 4 table top arcade games within the party center (depends on availability) for guests of honor to sit at during cake serving/present presentation/etc.

— Additional Pizza

— Party Plates, Cups, Napkins and Plasticware

For more information on our catering packages, CLICK HERE.

You may purchase ADDITIONAL HOURS OF GAMING for an additional cost of $50 per hour. This covers all members of your party. If you wish to stay more than 3 additional hours, you can convert to an ALL DAY ADMISSION for your guests for an additional $200. Purchase of additional hours does NOT include use of the party center, and ALL merchandise must be removed at the end of your two hour party booking to allow for the next party booking.

If you would like to bring your own food or beverages, you may do that. However, there is a $25 maintenance fee charged when any outside food or beverages are brought to a party.

Reserving our party center requires a payment at the time of the booking. Should you find you need to order additional items after you have booked your event, please call (412) 423-8532 for assistance in adding items to your booking.

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