Production: 1,500 units

Released: April, 2010

Collector Federico Croci in Italy reports this information about the Sample Game featured here:

“One of the pictures is a sticker on the back of the cabinet showing the Date Of Manufacture as ‘MAR 09 2010’. The “Enada Spring” trade show was held [in Rimini, Italy] from March 17 to 20, and the game was already installed in the stand the day before. Also, the playfield was not silkscreened, but something like a laser print, as Gary Stern explained, in order to have something with art to fit in the pinball in time for the show.”

The four drop targets on the left-side represent the letters I-R-O-N and the three drop targets on the right side represent M-A-N. David Thiel explains that the reason those letters do not appear on these targets is because it is a requirement of the license that the two words “IRON MAN” must never be shown separated from each other.

The coinless version designed exclusively for use in the home is Stern’s 2010 ‘Iron Man Classic’.

Stern had not started using its version designator of “Pro” when it made this 2010 game but later would refer to it as “Iron Man Pro” in order to best compare it with the 2014 updated version, Stern’s 2014 ‘Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)’


SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database, Pinside