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I, Robot is an arcade game designed by Dave Theurer and published by Atari Inc.. It was developed in 1983 and released in June 1984. Atari originally intended to release the game in 1983, but it was delayed due to technical issues and difficulties, so it was returned to the lab for further testing and research, and was not fully released until June 1984. Only a total of 750–1500 machines produced. The arcade machine comes with two games. The first is I, Robot, a multi-directional shooter that has the player assume the role of “Unhappy Interface Robot #1984”, a servant bot that rebels against Big Brother. The object of the game involves the servant bot going through 126 levels, turning red squares to blue to destroy Big Brother’s shield and eye. The player can switch to the second game, Doodle City, a drawing tool that lasts for three minutes.

I, Robot is known for being the first commercially produced video game with filled 3-D polygon graphics with flat shading, as well as being the first video game to feature camera-control options. Its name was originally “Ice Castles”, but was changed to “I, Robot”.

Upon release of the game, I, Robot received poor reception and was a financial flop. Approximately 750–1500 units of the game were created, with few having been confirmed to exist today. However, the remaining arcade cabinets have become rare collectibles and the game has received later praise for its innovative 3D graphics. Author David Ellis listed it as one of the “notable classics” of its time.

SOURCE: Wikipedia