Production: 5,000 units

Released: December, 1981

The alternate art found on the front of the cabinet has been attributed to the idea of stencils going to two different cabinet makers.

According to Williams production records, the initial sales forecast for Hyperball was 50,000 units. However, it was not long before that number had to be scaled back drastically, because the game was not selling as predicted. By this time, more cabinets (and backboxes) had already been made than what would be required for the final production run quantity. The backbox for this game was unique and required a short backglass. The excess backboxes would later be used for the production runs of Defender, Time Fantasy, and Firepower II.

This 1981 arcade game has an alpha-numeric display in the lower playfield. These displays did not appear in production pinball machines until Wico’s 1984 ‘Af-Tor’ followed by Premier’s 1985 ‘Chicago Cubs “Triple Play”‘.

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database