Production: 2,750 units

Released: April, 1986

Originally, the backglass was to have the standard numeric-only display windows. When the game went into production, the backglass was redesigned to incorporate new alphanumeric displays, and its artwork was changed.

Initial backglass and playfield artwork by Paul Faris. Final production backglass artwork by Python Anghelo.

Compare the playfield to the two-level playfield of Williams’ 1981 ‘Solar Fire’.

Pictured in this listing is an NOS playfield still in its shipping cabinet from the manufacturer.

‘Grand Lizard’ is one of three Williams games that went into production using System 11. All three games have incorrect schematics showing the same error by depicting placement of the EOS switch on the wrong side of the coil. As far as we know, all games left the factory correctly wired for EOS. Only the schematics were incorrect. No Manual Amendments or Service Bulletins have been found that acknowledge or correct this error. For a correct drawing of EOS placement, consult the schematic for Williams’ 1986 ‘PIN·BOT’ or subsequent Williams games.

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database