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Gorf is an arcade game released in 1981 by Midway Mfg., whose name was advertised as an acronym for “Galactic Orbiting Robot Force”. It is a multiple-mission fixed shooter with five distinct modes of play, essentially making it five games in one.

Gorf is well known for introducing or popularizing two new features to the video game market. Its most notable feature is its robotic synthesized speech. It was also one of the first games to allow the player to buy additional lives before starting the game. Most games offer a predetermined number of lives (usually 3) and allow the player to earn additional lives throughout the game. Gorf, which was usually set to offer two lives per coin, allows the player to insert extra coins to buy up to seven starting lives.

Gorf was originally intended to be a tie-in with Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but when the game designers read the film’s script, they realized that the concept would not work as a video game. Even so, the player’s ship bears a passing resemblance to the Starship Enterprise viewed from above

SOURCE: Wikipedia