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Food Fight (also styled as Charley Chuck’s Food Fight) is an arcade game released by Atari in March 1983. The player guides young Charley Chuck, who is trying to eat an ice cream cone before it melts, while avoiding four chefs bent on stopping him. The game sold 1,951 video game arcade cabinets.

Food Fight was developed by General Computer Corporation (GCC), the same company that produced Midway’s Ms. Pac-Man. Like Ms. Pac-Man, GCC’s connection to Atari was born out of accusations of copyright infringement. The company had produced a kit that would speed up Atari’s Missile Command arcade machines, but with General Computer claiming the copyright for the modified game. Fearing for its intellectual property rights, Atari sued GCC for USD$15 million. The case was settled out of court, with Atari contracting GCC to produce video games for them, including Food Fight and Quantum.

In an interview Jonathan Hurd said everyone at GCC contributed to the development. The initials of the people who were most heavily involved in creating Food Fight are in the high score table.

In Food Fight, the player controls a young boy named Charley Chuck. The object of the game is to eat an ice cream cone located on the opposite side of an open playfield. The ice cream is slowly melting, and must be consumed before it melts completely. Standing between Charley and the ice cream are four chefs named Oscar, Angelo, Jacques, and Zorba.

SOURCE: Wikipedia