Production: 20,230 units

Released: September, 1977

Although Eight Ball is a solid state machine, sound is not generated by a sound board. Instead, a 4-note MPU controlled chimebox produces the sound for this game. This provides the experience of solid state scoring and response, with the added nostalgia of Electro-mechanical chimes. The BONUS BALLS in the centre of the lower playfield are designated balls 1-7 for Players 1 & 3, balls 9-15 for Players 2 & 4.

Artist Margaret Hudson, who assisted Paul Faris on this game as a learning experience, says those are her initials on the bracelet of the girl in the backglass.

Two of the light shields are unusual as they have a second screening of red on top of the normal screening. This causes an effect similar used on the “Phantom of the Opera” glass, though no one probably would ever normally notice. For instance, “Pinky Tuscadero’s” shirt on the slingshot plastic appears red when the game is on, and tan when it’s off.

Pictured in this listing is an Early Production game with serial number EEB1109 located in Germany. The backglass does not lift up and out of the game but remains in its wood frame which hinges outward. The key lock for it is positioned lower on the backbox side than it is for later production backboxes which do not hinge.

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database