It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? For so many of us that are between 40-60 years old, it was that little yellow dot gobbler that led us to the arcade, had us scavenging out sofa cushions for quarters, and ultimately created a love for gaming that never went away. Certainly the world of video gaming and pinball are a culture more than a hobby, but it took a spark to really set that culture into motion. A big part of that ignition came from the song “Pacman Fever”; the now 35 year old hit from the then unknown duo of Buckner and Garcia. This song invaded our hearts the way the ghosts in Pacman invaded the corridors of the play screen to kill off our lives in the game. 

After 35 years, the song “Pacman Fever” has not only survived to take it’s place as a heritage cornerstone of the gaming revolution, but it’s found brand new life. “Pacman Fever 2015 (Eat ‘Em Up)” has been rerecorded and released by surviving member Jerry Buckner. With the retro revolution in full swing with gaming establishments like the Gaming Hall of Fame popping up all over the country and movies like “Pixels” creating new interest in the gaming classics, it seems only fitting that this anthem would find a new audience. 

The Gaming Hall of Fame caught up with Jerry Buckner in August to talk about the new release of the song, his history within the world of gaming, his great website, and what the future holds for him. You can listen to the interview below: