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Destroyer is a naval combat simulation computer game released by Epyx in 1986.

Destroyer put the player in the role of captain of a Fletcher-class Destroyer in the Pacific theatre during World War II. The player could choose to undertake a number of different naval warfare operations, including hunting submarines, torpedoing enemy ships, fighting off airplane attacks, bombarding island installations, rescuing stranded allies, and escorting cargo vessels through enemy waters.

In each screen, the joystick is used to control the functions within that screen; for example, directing the heading and speed of the ship, or aiming and firing guns. Only one screen can be controlled at any one time; however, there is an informational ticker along each screen where certain stations could report informational updates, such as if enemy planes or submarines are sighted. Each mission was played in real-time, so the choice of screen at any given time is important, and switching between them rapidly is part of the strategy.

Computer Gaming World in 1987 called Destroyer “an excellent naval simulation [that] doesn’t require a vast background in war games … anyone who has ever played computer games and won at chess should have a ball”. A 1991 survey of strategy and war games was less positive, however, giving it two and a half stars out of five, stating that “the documentation and scenarios are underdeveloped”. A 1993 survey in the magazine of wargames gave the game two stars out of five. Compute! stated that the game successfully combined strategy and arcade elements with excellent graphics.

SOURCE: Wikipedia