Production: 7,841 units

Released: December, 1992

Hologram of the Creature appears below the playfield and lights up at certain times.

In 2007, designer John Trudeau shared this story with us about one of the people on the backglass:
“As we didn’t get the rights to the actors’ likenesses, I asked Kevin (O’Connor) to see what he could do. I gave him a picture of my son, who was still in his teens at the time, and asked him to try to age him a little and fit his likeness onto the actor (Richard Carlson) in the pith helmet. It came out fine for me at the time and it really does now (he’s 34) resemble my son quite a bit.”

Sound engineer Paul Heitsch states all the female speech calls in this game were voiced by Allison Quant, an employee in marketing.

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database