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Crazy Climber is a coin-operated arcade game produced by Nichibutsu in 1980. It was also released in North America by Taito America Corporation by UA Ltd. in 1982 for the Emerson Arcadia 2001 and other video game consoles. It is one of Nichibutsu’s most highly acclaimed video games in its library. A precursor to the platform game genre, Crazy Climber was the first game revolving around climbing, specifically climbing buildings, before Nintendo’s 1981 release Donkey Kong.

In Crazy Climber the player assumes the role of a daredevil who is attempting to climb to the top of four skyscrapers. There are a number of obstacles and dangers to avoid.

Musical cues used throughout the game include “Baby Elephant Walk”, “The Pink Panther Theme”, and “The Entertainer”. Some cues were played to announce a danger; others served as ‘victory’ music.

The game also featured an early use of voice emulation. One example is the phrase “Go for it!” If the climber is not moved for several seconds, a voice will be heard speaking this, encouraging the player to continue.

Crazy Climber is one of the few video games to use two joysticks and no buttons.

SOURCE: Wikipedia