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Cliff Hanger is a laserdisc video game that was released by Stern Electronics in 1983. It used animation from Lupin III films, mostly from The Castle of Cagliostro and a couple of scenes from Mystery of Mamo. Like many laserdisc games, it was a reactive game which required the player to press a button or move the joystick in a particular direction when prompted by the game to progress the storyline. The segments from Mystery of Mamo use the original English dub commissioned by Toho, while the segments from Castle of Cagliostro use a dub created for the game.

The game’s plot does not come from either of the films, and instead involves “Cliff” (who is based on Arsène Lupin III) rescuing Clarissa (Lady Clarisse d’Cagliostro, the bride from Castle of Cagliostro) from the evil Count Draco (in some materials called “Dreyco” and in the instruction manual “Dragoe”), who wants to marry her.

The original version of Cliff Hanger had an animated sequence of Cliff being hanged at the gallows immediately following the “miss” animation sequence. The sequence was taken from the opening sequence of Mystery of Mamo (where Lupin was supposedly hanged in Transylvania), plus a later scene in the same film. According to the instruction manual, a setting on the game cabinet’s logic board would allow the individual owners/operators the option of not playing the sequence if they so chose.

SOURCE: Wikipedia