Production: 1,369 units

Released: April, 1998

This game has the standard ball-in-play tilt or can be operator-optioned to have two tilts per game. This means if a player activates the tilt mechanism a first time, the word “Warning” lights up on the silk-screened backglass and remains lit while the game continues for that player without penalty. However, if this player tilts a second time, even on subsequent balls in play, the game ends.

In Game Over mode, pressing either flipper button causes the playfield lights to highlight each major scoring feature, one at a time, while the speech card identifies that feature by name.

An Attract Mode operator option causes all five balls to automatically shoot onto the playfield every 15 minutes to interact with the pop bumpers and slingshots until they drain. A similar option appeared on Mirco Games, Inc.’s 1975 ‘Spirit of 76’.

SOURCE: Internet Pinball Database