Image: Black Hole, Pinball, Gottlieb, Hall of Fame, Pennsylvania

RELEASED: October, 1981
UNITS: 8,774

Black Hole is a pinball game released in 1981 by Gottlieb. It is notable for having two playfields: one on top with a conventional slope, and one mounted underneath, sloping away from the player. It has no connection with the 1979 film of the same name.

Black Hole was the first machine to feature a lower playfield viewed through a window in the upper playfield. It was touted as the highest-grossing pinball game of all time shortly after its release, partly due to (or despite) the fact that it was the first pinball game which cost 50 cents to play (although many argue that Williams Black Knight, and Firepower were already at 50¢ before the release of Black Hole). Black Hole’s robotic speech is generated by a Votrax SC-01.

SOURCE: Wikipedia