Hello Everyone, 

We are extremely excited to share with you that our VIP Grand Opening was an overwhelming success. We are truly amazed by the great turnout, and the reviews have been unbelievable! 

This event couldn’t have been the amazing success it was without the following, so we want to take a brief moment to thank those that made it so great:

  • Everyone that donated to our Kickstarter Campaign to make our museum a reality.
  • Jennifer Bertetto, Lindsay Berdell, Michael Machosky and all at Tribune Media.
  • Ron Keel
  • Billy Morris
  • Smokin’ Rock N’ Roll Catering (Billy and Todd Chaisson)
  • Michael Sorg and Sorgatron Media
  • Scott Tady and the Beaver County Times
  • DJ Wayne Smith and Vintage Vinyl DJ
  • Mike Smarsh
  • Neeley and The Classic Metal Show
  • Jonathan Patrik
  • Ed Henciak
  • Everyone That Lent A Hand Getting The Games Ready

We’re sure there are more that deserve thanks, and we really are appreciative for all that everyone did to make this a successful venture. 

Things start for real on Saturday, May 30th, so make a plan to come out and enjoy our Hall of Fame and Museum. Without your support, we can’t become the gaming paradise you’ve long wanted to have available. 

Again, THANK YOU! 

Ed and Chris