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RELEASED: November 1975
UNITS: 2825

Featuring a Harry Potter like wizard and a dreamy doll on the backglass. Nice magic theme pinball machine a good companion to the more modern Theater of Magic pinball or Bally’s 1975 Hokus Pokus. The most challenging of all the Gottlieb single player (wedgehead cabinet) drop target games from the 70’s. It is extremely difficult to complete 1 thru 4 five times and then knock down all of the drop targets to light the Special. Ten of the popular drop targets and two rebuilt pop bumpers makes for magical pinball fun.

The Add-a-ball version of this game is Gottlieb’s 1977 ‘Team One’ which was exported to Italy as Gottlieb’s 1977 ‘Kicker’, both with different artwork.

Same backglass artwork as Gottlieb’s 1971 ‘Wizard’.

SOURCE: Pinrescue and Internet Pinball Machine Database