Image: 2001, Gottlieb, Hall of Fame, Museum, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

RELEASED: February, 1971
UNITS:  2200

‘2001’ was preceded by Gottlieb’s 1971 ‘Galaxie’ as the first machine to feature multiple banks of drop targets.

The backglass in the manufacturer’s flyer shows colors that are not replicated on all the production glasses that we show. Specifically, the large green area below the score reels are a uniform color of green in the flyer, the lower right striped area has stripes that are as yellow as the upper playfield, and three of the five large stars above ‘2001’ are this same yellow color. In some production glasses, the area below the score reels alternate between green and yellow-green, the stripes are yellow-green instead of yellow, and the three stars are also yellow-green. Even if allowing for color variations in flyer printing and/or camera processing, or differences with lighting used when the games were photographed, these color differences appear discrete and suggest more than one color set was made during backglass production. However, based on the game shown here having serial number 05430, we cannot say with confidence that production games with backglasses that match the flyer are Early Production. Other explanations for these color variations are possible.

Maximum displayed point score is 9,999 points.